shiver, shiver...

It's a bit cold...23 degrees. Supposed to snow tomorrow. I think all this cold weather has made me sleepier then usual.I was down by 9:30pm and would have even been sleeping earlier if it wasn't for the kids. I'm going to put on my sweater/slippers and drink some coffee. I got up at 6:30am and need something.

Finally, made it to the library yesterday. I was so glad I went because not only did I find several books on CD to listen to, get some books for my gals but I also got to hear a harpist playing in the main library section! This was such a shock and thrill! I will have to find out if he's playing more this week. I also found out that the library will be closed from Dec.24th till Jan. 7! This was a scary thought, so I loaded up on books. You can also renew on-line...yes! So, lots of good things.

Hope you all have a great Friday! Next week is Christmas, Jon is mailing out cards/packages today and all I really need to do is some baking.

Today is also my little guy's 1st birthday!! Happy Birthday, Harrison! We love you!


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