Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Been WAY too busy...but it's all good. I have a cold now, so I have to slow down...Harry has one too. Poor little guy. The weather has dropped to the low 30's and the ground has the hardening feel before winter really sets in. Why does that sound like pregnancy for some reason? The sweet thing is it is a bit like birth...you are waiting and waiting and then it is Spring! My aunt wrote "Baba" on facebook. It's interesting as I knew that Baba probably meant old woman...and it does. But in Bulgarian, it also has another meaning...Baba also is in reference to Baba Marta or Grandmother March. As a child, family would give us these Martinitsa dolls and it was always around Spring time (most likely March). I loved mine and kept it for years...only recently did I learn these are a symbol for welcoming in Spring and you are supposed to give them away. Your loved ones are to tie them on the branches of trees to welcome Spring. I love this so much and it makes me happy to know more about this wonderful tradition. It also explained why my aunt would say Baba at the beginning of Winter...remember Spring is here in about 3 months or so...what a lovely thought on a cold day. :)

Now, I want to make some Martinitsa's and give them away for spring. Perhaps, I'll do a little write up explaining them as well. I like sweet traditions like this. :)

Well, I have a bit of work to do...mostly baby care, thankfully. I'm also working on a pile of hats to make for Christmas gifts, finishing up the manger props for the kids to use at church and cleaning up the house. I don't know how I can be so messy, but I'm really good at it! lol Have a great day! :)


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