Gently falling snow~

I love the snow falling right now...such a sweet lightness to it and because it's fluffy, it's easy to catch on your tongue. :) I may have to go outside and watch it fall some more. Just feels like Christmas from a card or something but it's real. Maybe someday I'll have my whole family visiting me for Christmas and they will get to see what I see. Love and miss them~

I hope it continues and we can build a snowman soon. The gals did some sledding the other day...I wanted to try it out but had to wait till there were two of us (I was holding the baby). Harry had a good time and was amazed at the cold. I think his skin is a little sensitive because he got a huge rash on his neck and back of his head.

Well, I hope everyone is safe tomorrow and has a good week. I can't believe it's Wednesday already.


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