Feeling blessed~

I just feel really happy I updated my webpage. If you like it, let me know because I really do and would love to hear praise from others. Yes, I'm being silly but it's just nice to feel like you've done something and hopefully, people out there will enjoy it too. I love the backround by Itkupilli. They just make me so happy. :)

Glad I got that off my chest...Plus, I updated my links and am going to add more of my favorites.

I'm also getting boxes ready to be mailed out. I still haven't done a single card. I'm so slow this year...I may make them this year...or send out ACEO paintings as cards. I have quite a few and would love to share with others. We shall see. I might do a collage instead. I can see a star and painting combo. Hmmmm

So much to do, and you know what? Things are getting done! I can hardly believe it. Even with all this ice/cold and snow. Amazing. You'd think I'd be cabin fevered or something but not really. Having the kids go to school, getting out there with them and doing chores in the morning, is a good routine for me. I know things will change as they get older (and the baby can walk around and pull everything off shelves...actually, he already does this a bit with rolling to a favorite spot and yanking out books/videos). But for now, I'll be happy with this routine.

It's a bit funny/scary with how I get the car out of the driveway every morning. I sort of back up and slide into the alley. It's a strange and bizarre sensation and almost like being on a ride in Disneyland...like the ones where you drive a car and just sort of feel which way your going to slide into something. I guess bumper cars would be a better description. Anyway, that's what happens.

I was looking through my blog and noticed about 3/4th of my old pics were GONE! I am sad about this. They were connected to my old server and now they are gone. UGH! I will have to go through the computer and salvage what I can for photos...I've been downloading stuff to my flickr account and will have to print them out. Annoying.

Other than that, I'm all right. I also found my missing house keys (my hubby had them in his pants pocket!) and found some missing gloves, etc. I'm cleaning out stuff to give away. I probably could have a great yard sale but in the winter? I don't think so. Also, I'd rather just give it away...stuff like old clothes, shoes, fabric stuff and so on. I seem to get much more back and I find stuff that I'd forgotten about. It's a great system.

I was horrified by my garage, yesterday. It's worse than I thought. Jon piled up stuff to this massive height and I'm acutally afraid it will fall on me. The weird thing is there is space to spread it around...but he didn't do this. SO ODD! Anyway, I'll have to clean that out too.

One thing that has kept me sane being inside is using our basement. It's almost like our family room esp. with the kerosene heater. This really helps and makes life a lot more comfortable. I would like to unearth the ping pong table to actually be played, but that might be a long term goal. If I can clear it off and use it for mini-games, that would awesome too (half of the table is up and you can bounce a ball off of it. It's just an idea.

Last night, Jon picked up the church cookies (yum!) and he said there was so much wind, a sign blew off of a company near the church. Scary! It felt so horribly cold and guess who had to very determined kiddos who wanted to sled? Yep, we tried to but it was just way too cold/hard as ice snow. Felt like walking on glass!

I can't believe it's nearly 2pm. I've got to clean up a few things/pack a few things before the kids amble home. Then, I want to list a few things on eBay. I'm made up of "a few things" today. I'll take my time, too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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