It's Friday afternoon...

enough, said! Phew! Feels like this week went a bit wildly fast but otherwise, it was good. I have a cold and feel a bit yucky poo. The kids were sick in order of age, apparently. I'm just glad it's Friday and we can sort of relax. We can't truly relax as Jon is working his extra job. He likes it as it very easy compared to other work we've/he's done. lol I think that's hilarious, really. I'm glad he's glad, honestly.

I'm debating whether I should make some chocolate chip cookies. Sort of a celebration for having everyone home. Actually, Harry and I are only home as the gals have started their annual singing at the Hollidaysburg Christmas chorus. I know they'll enough that.

I'm slowly finishing up projects and am getting all my internal/external lists accomplished for once. Thank the stars! :)

But best of all, I'm so thankful things are going well with the schooling, with the kids enjoying life and that things seem to be getting stable. Oh, it just started to rain...for some reason, this makes it feel special.

I'm grateful for furance filter replacement and that the gas company is lowering gas price.
I'm grateful for my family and friends and pets.

Hope you all have a good weekend and remember to look for blessings in your life. You will find many, I am sure.


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