Fall is upon us

With the weather changing from warm to cool to freezing (!) and back to warm again, you know we're transitioning into that beloved season, Fall. It's amazing to watch this time of year as the leaves either gradually grow into colors or reds, yellow and burnt browns or else just drop to the ground like tired shoes. I've always thought it was a bit humorous to watch certain trees change. They all have their own stories...some brilliant and bold, others soft and subtle while others keep their color all year. Personally, I like seeing the trees change and become bare again. Sometimes, when I see a distant hill, they remind me of the gray whiskers of some giant or perhaps a hibernating creature. The bare branches seem catch and hold the fog as if holding onto the dreams of people from the night before. It gives me a sense of falling back into time and peering into a world or rather a season, yet to be discovered.


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