Busy, busy bee...

Well, Jon got stung 3 times by a wasp. It actually flew into his mouth and stung the inside of this check, the outside and his arm. Then, it flew like mad (as Jon ran like mad) into the house with all of us. I caught it trying to sting the front of his shirt and killed the little bugger. My God! Talk about an aggressive wasp! I'm not naive about them (I was stung about 20 times when walking with a friend in CA). Poor Jon is still swollen in the face and arm...it'll take about a week to get down/stop itching, etc. He looks like a hound dog right now...poor dear.

This was a stressful time and fortunately we didn't have to go to the hospital ( I was ready to go) but he didn't want to. We had been pulling/cutting back mint but I guess we found a hive too...scary!!!

The kids are taking their last day of homeschooling well. We have decided to try out a good public school and I hope it goes well. If not, we can obviously do cyber schooling again. I'm just nervous because I want them to do well and be happy. I think they will as their teachers sound really good/nice.

Anyway, Jon has taken a 2nd job and this has been more stress/change as well. We're hoping it's not for too long and in the meantime, I'll be creating more art to sell/finishing up some projects of mine. All in all, it's only an extra 16 hours a week, but it does feel like a lot more hours at the end of the day. Wish us luck.

We usually do an extra job or two but this summer we cut back on grass cutting as there really wasn't that much with all the rain. It's nice to have an extra job or two to work on...and with the cyberschooling/childcaring, it would have been impossible to do this. I feel like we're doing good changes (except for the wasp thing).

Not too much else is happening...well, except the guy we sold our domain name too, has taken up my edgegal.com site and put his animal capture stuff there too. I don't know why and it's REALLY irritating because he shouldn't have the rights to this (as it said in the contract). So, we'll have to change this soon and get that sorted...Jon knows all about it. It drives me nuts but I'll be patient and just plot what my website will look like until then.

I'm thinking of going back to school as well. It probably won't happen anytime soon, but it's on the back burner, percolating! :)

It's supposed to rain ALL week long. But it hasn't started yet. I wish I could send some to CA to help my families back there and clean up some of that awful smokey air. I'm praying that everyone will be all right.

We have also tried out the Episcopalian Church and like it VERY much! It's nice to be greeted so warmly and it just feels comfortable. I think we'll like it very much! :) They have a great philosophy and I love how they accept everyone. I remember taking a religious studies class in college and our professor was so kind and nice to everyone/all religions. He didn't want to influence anyone and wouldn't tell us his religion (if any) till the end of the semester. It turns out he was Episcopalian. I remember he made a song for his family. For example, it would go "We are the Gottshalls, We are the Gottshalls, we love each other! We love each other! Yes, we do! Yes, we do! We love each other, we are the Gottshalls!" I love that and yes, that's our song now. :) So, I feel like we are slowly getting things we've thought/talked about done for quite some time.


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