picking peaches

I picked my biggest haul of peaches...something like 30, I believe. That doesn't include the 14 or so I picked a few days ago. Plus, I had to throw a few in the bushes for the fairies (they had already started nibbling those, anyway). So, the peach tree was very fruitful this year. This is quite a big jump from the 12 I got last year.

I made our first peach cobbler...I wasn't sure if I was supposed to peel the little guys and just left the skins on. Tastes fine to me! I really need to spray the tree next Spring as there was a lot of damage from a fungus, but otherwise, all right.

I felt SO out of sorts today. Just grumpy and frustrated for some odd reason. I guess I might be coming doing with a cold the kids got. We went to the park and poor Harrison threw up twice. I think it was from not getting burped (I fed him pudding before this). I felt really badly about that.

I just felt so blah and tired after all of this. Also, I was a bit annoyed to find out there was a flea market down the street and I didn't know. Jon saw it before going to work and didn't tell me. I missed that one...not too bad a loss. Just felt like I would have liked to putter around and see what was there.

Have been working on my art projects. I have been trying to do that more often. It's a nice feeling and I think things will move rapidly for several projects. I'm glad I brainstormed a few days ago.

I did have a nap today too..and rested more than I usually do. This helped to put things in perspective and of course, I prayed. It's a good feeling to pray and get your feelings out...not keep them bottled and festering. Once they are out and they feel like they're blown away and I can move on. I feel very proactive, even if I feel achy and tired. I swear there should be a rain storm or something...this is why I've felt caught in-between things, I think.

Well, the peaches a wait and possilby dinner. Have a good weekend!


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