I really love Cartoons

which create good examples for my children. There is a tie on this list: Cailou and Max and Ruby. They are excellent examples of how we ought to behave with each other and just plain fun to watch. I wish I could come up with a tween/teen version as this would be a nice cross over for older kids.

Kids do need guidance in stories but not overly sugary sweet stories. I've watched a lot of cartoons over the years and I can say, there is usually more thought in most cartoons/animation then I've seen in many television shows that are aimed at various age groups. But there is a lack for good animation/stories, at least in my book. I think this is why animation by Miyazaki is so popular in the US (and most places, actually). It is the story writing that is real, never demeans people's intelligence (regardless of what age it might be geared at...if they even do aim at any one age) and is why his work feels so fresh.

Maybe the key is not to aim at an age group...just write stories with no object other than telling a good story. Hmmm, I'm going to have to rethink a few things on my story board.


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