Headache but better

Supposedly, we're supposed to be getting a storm tonight and then a series of storms for the next 5 days. We shall see as it seems like they've blown over us the last week or so. It feels like there should be a storm as my joints are all achy and I've got a huge sinus headache. I really wish I wouldn't get these but I do. I had a nap and it's getting better, fortunately.

We went to the big outside flea market at the Jaffa...it was SO incredibly hot. I didn't really think I'd find anything but I did find a mushroom cookie jar ($2) that is SO cute and the gals found treasures too. I didn't think I'd find anything but it's just at those moments that you do find something and just the right price. I was annoyed because I nearly got a Bratz doll (have wanted one for the fun of it) for $1 but this lady bought the WHOLE box before I could nab a single one. I was so annoyed. It seems I'm not meant to get one...oh, well.

I also found, of all things, a cheese slicer! It's one of those old fashioned ones that you pull across cheese and there is a little wire to cut it off. I'm very pleased by this. I got that for a dime. :)

Next time, I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to use my umbrella and stay out of the sun. I really am not a sun type person in the sense of sitting in it or any of that sort of thing. I like being pale and watching the sun from under a big hat or shade. I love the warmth, after the sun sets. I especially love when cement gets warm from the sun and you relax on the cement and feel like your a giant lizard sitting on a heated rock. Love that! :)


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