Calm before the storm...

We're supposed to get tons of rain today and by the looks of the clouds/sky, I'd say yes indeed. There is this strange gray glow that proceeds a down pour, so I'm guessing it's on the way. My friends/family on facebook across the US are saying it's a real big one and is coming soon. Now, I wish I had gotten some chips...and I forgot apples! Dang! At least I have popcorn/yoghurt. You need something to munch when there is a big storm...

Anyway, I'm hoping today I'll feel more like my old self. I need to start exercising and getting my self motivated. We did a lot of walking over the weekend, which is excellent but I got out of doing my trampoline workout (I stuck it upstairs to be out of the way with all the family visiting). Think I'll bring it back down and encourage a 30 minute walk on that thing.

We went to the market yesterday and spent even less then we normally do! I was really happy about this as it means we're getting better at buying groceries to meet our needs instead of our wants (snackie foods, etc). I did forget apples but I also skipped a lot of sweets. I think we all felt really guilty for eating so much birthday cake. Thank goodness there aren't any more b-days in my house (which equals cake) for awhile. I think I might try substituting cake for something else, too.

I admit when I worked at the museum it was a bit like this: Party comes in. They have a great time, they give all the left over cake (cupcakes/chips/etc) to us. We'd take them home and shame on me. It's hard to resist free cake, I tell you! But we've learned our lesson over at the house and are resolving to turn a new leaf.

In other news, I'm staring at my graphic novel and feel a bit overwhelmed. I want to finish the drawings but feel so...stuck. I remember Lynda Barry saying something like that...not being able to get what you want on paper, etc. I don't think I can do a regular comic style...I've read comics all my life and really love the look/feel but I don't think I can create stuff like this. I feel sort of like I'm stuck. Jon said not to worry about this and pretend it's a practice work. I guess I should do that but my practice work is not going to come out like a typical comic. I should just be me and not stress out, I suppose but I am anyway.

Deep breath...

I'll try some exercises on paper/pen and see what happens. At least I'm trying to get things rolling.

I'm going to insist today be a great day full of creative strides and creative kids. Wish me luck!


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