Not too rainy today...

Boy, did it rain yesterday. No, thunder but lots oh rain. I was feeling sort of blah because I lost my glasses and just sort of muddling through the day (while searching franctically for the specs as well as trying to clean up this house for guests coming soon).

Today was another story...I just gave up on the glasses and started moving furniture around and low and behold, there they were; my glasses! What a relief! So, I am calm again and don't see in double vision anymore.

We went for a walk and I was planning to go longer, however the drizzly of rain felt like it was starting to come down harder so we took the short version home. As it turned out, it wasn't so rainy after all. Still, it was nice to get out and move for once. I notice if I'm stuck in the house, it really helps to do the mini-trampoline. I just feel more alive afterwards and not so stir crazy. I also found out I can stick the thing in front of the computer and put some tunes on youtube and workout like that. It's really nice! :)

Yesterday was Jon's Birthday! :) He felt a little down but we made him a banana bread cake, the gals gave him a card with sunflower seeds and Lydia played her first piano piece. She was so happy to do this...and it felt so dear that she wanted to do this.

Harry's taking a nap and the kids are playing peacefully upstairs. I hope more cleaning to do but we shall see. Maybe I'll do some art...haven't dont much in a few days and would like to spend several hours doing this, but I'll take a 15 minutes to half an hour.

With all this rain, I know the garden has loosened up a lot of weeds...temptation abounds. Plus, it would get some heavy footed kids outside. ehem...:P


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