I've been slacking from posts...

Not because I forgot but I've been busy and using facebook more then I really should (hehehe).

I got to visit with my new friend and cousin (on my hubby's side), Erika. She is so great and sweet and I love her family. :) It was nice spending time with them and I hope to do so more in the future.

Also, I have been doing minor home repair stuff...painting the bathroom, adding shelves, thinking about making pillow covers/curtains, and so on. I also am starting to do more artwork and experimenting with stuff that has been on my mind a lot...basically, working with some metal and making simply type outside art (just for me, kind of stuff). I may do more...but it is hard on the hands and working with metal can be dangerous. So, we shall see how it goes.

I'm planning to send out my graphic novel, again. I have about 5 agents I'm interested in...and I want to get back into this. I'm starting to feel very selfish with my time,lately.

I did finish, last night, about 5 more stuffed animals; guinea pigs. I want to do a few softy soft kitties. I sold some soft sculpture kitties and they had painted faces...there was a bit of confusion as the person who bought them didn't know they were intirely painted. So, I'll be more detailed in my descripting. Thankfully, they liked them! I'm working on handpainted monster/critter types too...I hope they come out nicely.

All of this and tending to the kids and the baby...they are all doing well. One tooth has emerged from the baby and one was lost by Norrie. Seems to be all about teeth. I think it's lunch time as I'm getting grumpy/impatient and feel like I need to having something to eat. Love to you all and have a good weekend!


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