I need to get a supply of coconut milk

because there is a lot of Thai food I plan to try and make! Oh, my...just found this recipe for Tom Ka Kai soup. It sounds really, really good! I'm not sure where to find lemon grass, but I'll try my best to adapt.

I can't believe how many things are happening. My brother is getting married in November and we plan on going. It's going to be in Indiana...so, we can defintely drive out.

This week was supposed to have more sun...but today is gloomy and overcast. Tomorrow, thunder storms! Hopefully, this is not just going to blow over. I do like thunder storms but not too close. There was a really big one last year, and it struck the transformer down the street! We saw it happen and lost power for over 12 hours. So, hopefully, nothing that serious.

We drove up to a lodge near Shavers creek, yesterday for Jon's boss's retirement party. The weather was gorgeous! The food was really good and we liked the caterer's name, Harrison's! :) I want to go back there again...or at least Shaver's creek. We love that place.

Pics will be forth coming. Oh, I finished one of my canvas paintings...I handbuilt a canvas in a house shape and painted my pet friends on it. It came out really sweet. It makes me happy, even more so, since we lost Autumn. I think I may do one just for her...

Have an art class today. We'll see how it goes; hopefully, it won't be too warm in there like it was last time! Geez! It needs air conditioning (and I couldn't find any fans, anywhere). Wish me luck!


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