Thursday, June 04, 2009

ear aches

We've been having a round of storms and it's driving my sinus/ears crazy. I'm still getting over some of the pain, but I actually was able to move around more without feeling dizzy as heck. I made it outside and did a bit of gardening...thank goodness for Motrin. Sigh...

The good thing is the soil has loosened up and I can pull grass out pretty easily. I also found the biggest earthworm ever! That thing was a huge beauty. Wow! Nightcrawler, I guess they are called.

Anyway, we've been doing more gardening and me being sick, we're getting things done.

On another note, the baby is doing better after throwing up for several days. I didn't know what it was because it was only when he was eating. I suppose it's new food source and he was getting used to it...still, it worried me quite a bit.

Otherwise, I'll be trying out teaching a few art classes. I look forward to this.

I'm working on several art projects. They are still in the infancy stage and once I get them primed and painted, I'll feel I'm getting somewhere. It's funny how you want everything to be just right but you never know how something will turn out, art-wise. It's exciting, really. I must be feeling better if I'm thinking of creating art work. It seems I went through a bit of a dry spell; feeling a bit lost. Now, it's coming back. I honestly feel it was because we went to Pittsburgh and did something fresh/new.

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