Windy weekend

It is really windy outside right now...actually, it was windy all day. We stayed inside as we all have colds and feel yucky. I forced myself out yesterday...didn't want to but we had to get a few presents for our birthday gal. :) I actually found the Barbie she wanted that does deposits. I was glad as she really wanted this one with the doggie scooper...don't ask me why. Kids.

We are rat sitting for some friends. I hope the gals don't get too attached but it's inevitable, I suppose. They are cute rats and are very sweet looking. The gal we're watching them for, seemed a bit sad to leave them. I know the's amazing how special these critters are to us.

I recently saw a few good movies (and some stinkers too. But I won't bother writing about least not now). However, the good movies out weighed the was Bolt. Oh, I love this animation! It has everything a movie should have...adventure, interesting dialog, great story telling and of course a cute critter. In this case, a hamster. We also saw Kungfu Panda...LOVED it! I was surprised by the story telling of both of these animations. We also saw CJ7, a Chinese film...not animation but so funny and clever! The gals loved it even though we had to read the subtitles (and it wasn't easy as the dialog moves really fast).

Lately, movie watching has taken on a different level as the gals are getting older and can understand plots and stories better. I love watching their humor develop.

Another thing I've been up to is organizing the basement studio area. It's still a bit messy but much more in control. I must say, just vacuuming the rugs was a huge improvement. This, and giving some items to the thrift store. I didn't realize I had so much and have given over 5 huge black bags. I've also given some things away on freecycle...that was a nice feeling. And I did, get a few things too. Mostly, plastic storage boxes. We've been having a problem with a senior cat having "accidents" under the kids bed. Very frustrating and disgusting as many toys had to be thrown out. The boxes came in handy to store their kids things. I've since found out that cats can have urinary tract infections (UTI) and will have to take her to the vet. I hope it's not serious but she is a 19 year old kitty. I still can't wrap my mind around her age...seems like I just got her as a kitten (born under my dresser, in fact). My older cat, Autumn, must be 20 or 21. Poor old gals. Thank goodness, I have two younger cats.

Otherwise, all is well in our little kingdom. Harrison, the baby, had his first cold. I was worried but it was mostly a stuffed nose. He is better and seems to have gotten back into his routine. I'm glad we're all getting better and hopefully, this will last for awhile. I do notice he's been getting some rash flare ups on his face. So, I'll have to check with the doctor.

Oh, and I've found out some good teas...Echinacea tea is really good for colds and I found a somewhat exotic tea~Vanilla and caramel. Quite good, I must say.

Lastly, I've been thinking about foods lately. I want to cook more and use more whole foods and such. I've started getting into Vegan type foods and some wonderful ethnic recipes that I want to explore. Mostly, lentil based. I think I may have to get a few new recipe books and try out some different things. I even found a Vegetarion Turkish recipe book. This sounds very exciting...then, there is the whole bento lunchbox I want to explore. Things to try in the future.


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