rainy days

Last few days have been cold and rainy...which means mud, in our house. Way too much mud all over the place. So, I've been trying to clean that up...mostly controlled.

Also, been working on some new illustrations which are stressing me out. We shall see how it goes...

I think I'm going to ask for an extension for mailing a project out. I think this would be fine and it would make me feel about 50% less stressed out. So, I will do this.

My next goal will be to rearrange the basement as I want it to be more conducive for the kids and be more of a family space, instead of walk single file space. The lighting really helps and motivates me to do this.

Otherwise, I'm muddling through these stay indoors days. I so look forward to the weekend and getting some sun and perhaps doing an outside activity...maybe even start the garden!!!

Poor Lydia's allergies are acting up and she's been feeling low. I found some children's allergy medicine and it seems to be helping. I need to find something for me, I suppose.

I confess, I look forward to the weekend and relaxing a bit. I sometimes wish things would come easier for me, or without so much drama, pain and heart ache...usually from me.

I'm really excited as we get to go to see "The Sound of Music" they are staging at the local theater. We're going to see the rehearsal show. I look forward to this. Now, if they will put on Jesus Christ Superstar sometime soon, I'd be over the moon. I love musicals, I really do. I love the music part and the set design, of course. I'm just feeling thrilled thinking about "Cats" and all the other greats out there.


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