Eye twitching...

So, we recently sold our domain name...I don't understand most of it but the nice thing is we got paid something for it. The bad thing is I've had to change ALL of our email accounts and everything seems to be as slow as molasses (as in me, understanding this change/and forgetting my new email). So, it's been a crazy ride. I've also had to find a new way to update webpages because of this change so a lot of my pages are stuck in 2008. Jon's going to show me how to fix that...thank goodness.

Anyway, my eyes are blurry red from all of this and I forgot to put all the new addresses on my recent batch of ebay goodies and it got even more muddly. UGH!

Thankfully, things are getting clear again...it must have been the 80's we had here for 2 days. It made me heat crazed, I tell you! Now, it's starting to cool back down but not before it brought out the red in my gorgeous tulips...I was hoping to get a sunny pic of them but only got late evening as I couldn't find my camera. I am a scatter brain lately...forgive me, it's Spring. :)


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