comfort foods

I decided to try a new recipe...needed something to chase away sadness of the past few, I made this lentil/rice patty with cilantro dish which I found at the Albion blog. My, oh, my...this was good. I felt like we had stepped back in time as it nearly captured perfectly the tasty dish we'd get at the Happy Family restaurant in Alhambra...a totally vegetarian place. It's very good and with a few modifications (I used white rice and regular lentils), it was very easy to make. Jon was my fry cook and made the patties. They are quite good in sesame oil, let me just say. The sauce is excellent...just enough spice to catch your attention and the sweetness of coconut milk to bring in the mild, "ah" factor. I'm definitely making this again for everyone, I think.

The next thing I'm going to try is Hungarian Potato soup. This will be good in the coming days as it's supposed to go back down to the 40's. If I work up the courage, I will then try to make Bulgarian Easter bread. Wish me luck as it will take all day...but it looks very worth while to try.

I found an interesting appetizer with dried apricots stuffed with slivers of almonds and goat cheese...this sounds so good and I think it was very similar to what I had at a friends wedding a few years ago.

I'm going to scout through more recipes and think of some new things to try...I love finding delicious things to make. Wish me luck on the Easter bread.


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