Cold weather

It was such a strange Monday...first, I thought a neighbor's house was on fire as I saw smoke coming from the back. Reported that, all was fine, thankfully.

Then, later we hear of a horrible situation at a local subway...leaving 2 people killed and woman injured. It just seems like insanity. I don't know what to think. I do believe people feel stressed out, but to hurt people like this? There was no reason to do this and yet, there it is.

So, I feel sick about this all and can't sleep. I will light a candle for those taken from their loved ones. I'm battling wanting to blame something, TV (for crazy amounts of violence) or a feeling of the ugliness of self centered thought that allowed someone to do this.

All we can do is pray. I hope things will calm down, nationwide and close to home, and people will do some act of kindness. I do believe people imitate what they see...if we all do little bits of good, it might change a lot of things. This sounds too easy, I know...esp. when there has been such violence. But trying to do some good works is the least that we can do.


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