Slowly getting back into the swing of things...

We got sick, again. How annoying and frustrating. I started to feel down about that but, told my self, it's a matter of time before I feel better. Sure enough, the next day, I'm much better. My middle gal is still a bit sick. So, we are just trying to take it easy.

It's really nice cyber schooling as when there are sick days, you can still do school work and not feel lost or out of it. I love this part, actually. Oddly, Norrie does better at reading when she's sick...I think she's a bit more active then my eldest and that's why it's hard for her to focus.

I'm trying to organize the "school" room and give it more space to store things. I notice I hold on to a lot of paper. I mean A LOT of paper. I guess it has to do with wanting to recycle and worrying about trees, etc. Sort of a strange reverse "great depression" attitude...don't waste what you have and all that. Still, there comes a point when you have to let go of stuff or you become stuff. Yikes...scary thought, there.

The nice thing about cleaning out, I found some photos I had stuffed away in a was a sweet surprise. Plus, I found some rare artwork by Jon when he was in junior high. I will be getting one of them's a sweet ink scratching of a house...very detailed.

Today was a good day, besides having a sick child. I got a lot of things done, got caught up on Math for Lydia and made more hummus with parsley. I'll make more couscous tomorrow (a type of salad with grains/parsley). I also made a pizza from scratch...literally a 7 minute to make crust. It's that easy.

I've been making a lot of "Middle Eastern" food or, what I like to say, "what Jesus probably ate". I watched this interpretation of Jesus from the book of John (from my aunt) and it was really well done. One of the best parts was watching what they ate in some detail. I enjoyed that. Plus, the story is very touching and brings this time of the year to more focus and clarity. It just makes everything more meaningful.

I've even pulled out my childhood bible and will be reading to the girls has wonderful illustrations for the old and new testament. I think it will make the bible come alive for them.

We're also reading some Harry Potter books...starting from the beginning. I didn't realize how many books it looks like when you have them all together! That's a lot of books...but it will be full of fun adventures. :)

I'm looking around the house for my summer Moomin's so sweet and we love the writings of Tove Jannson. Just so true and touching in her capture of children and parents. It makes me wish we lived in the country and had a verandah to have breakfast on after picking berries for tea...among magical creatures, of course. More fun to read.

We didn't go outside today because of being a bit sick but the sky was a beautiful blue...and the wind wasn't too cold. Still, colder then I'd like. I hope the tulips start appearing. If they do, I'll feel like I accomplished something worthwhile garden wise.


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