Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Wow! I almost missed that. I've been under the weather and am feeling a bit better now. The whole family came down with the flu and it was not nice, to say the least. Now, that things are back to normal, I can start to (slowly) get things going again.

I've been thinking about doing more eBay sales again. I haven't thought about that in awhile. Also, I found some more places I want to submit some art to. I feel good about that.

I'm trying to find some tulips I planted in the yard back in the Fall. I hope at least a few made it and I'll see them soon. I will be very annoyed if nothing happens. I did have a few left overs and am forcing some inside. 4 are emerging very prettily.

My sis-in-law has crocus peeking out of the front yard...purple, yellow, and white. I wish I had planted some of those too. I'll aim to do that this year.

Otherwise, things are slowly picking up pace. I started to feel a bit down about things lately but am starting to feel like there is a silver lining after all. Time to clean out stuff and make things stronger in the process. I know I'm doing this with my basement studio. Boy, does it need some attention! :)

Anyway, I feel like things are in action and I have several plans for art. So, all in all good stuff.


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