Yes, it's Friday and I'm up at 6 am. Jon is trying out a new carpool; it meets at 6 in the morning and get's back earlier as well. I hope it works out...Jon is not an early bird (I'm not either but I'm going to change that...I think it has to do with being from the West and the East is 3 hours ahead. It's something I have to get used's taken me 6 years!).

Well, I feel better after feeling in frustrated/annoyed for a few days. My migraine went away and I am going to try and talk a few things out as well. The best thing is I think I'm starting to get my art groove back. I haven't done any art in about 2 weeks...maybe longer. I started to make decorations with the kids for Easter and started to feel much better. Plus, I was stressed out about a lot of things and now I feel like I have a few plans (for schooling, me and the kids). I guess a part of me wants to go back to get my MA. Actually, I've wanted to do that for awhile. I'll see what happens when I write to some counselors.

The weather is getting warmer too and this makes life seem so much brighter and better. Such a relief! Now, I can do some walking and not have to worry about snow...

My sis-in-law came over to the museum the other day and the kids played for a while. It was nice chatting with her and just getting some time to talk to a grown-up. I feel like this is something I crave...grown-up conversations and plans. Being with the kids is great, but you do need time alone too.


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