Friday at last!

It's been a long week...but not in the bad sense. It's been a fairly nice week actually...the weather is warmer and we've finally gotten a car that works/fits. It was really nice, actually, having people over (my sis-in-law came over with her kids and we all popcorn). I like calm sort of events like that...

We had museum time to cover and then we trotted over (lugged ourselves, actually) to the library. We had a good time, actually as we saw some old friends of ours there. I also saw why we don't get much of a crowd at the museum during the week...everyone is at the library! This is great, actually, and we'll be going there more often.

The strange thing about yesterday was after I got Harrison's 2 month check up (which is great!). I had to go to the pharmacy and get some Tylenol for the baby. While there, the police came running in and caught a suspicious character! The ladies behind the counter all looked frightened and I was like, what the heck is going on?!? At one point, I thought I could run and hide Harrison under me by the side door or throw his car seat over the was very scary. But I remained calm as I didn't want to jump to conclusions and I didn't want to get hurt if there was some sort of crazy thing happening. I admit I felt a strange calm...almost like I knew all would be well. But it was unsettling seeing something like 5-6 cops run down the aisles! When I got outside, my car was surrounded by cop cars. I have to say, they were very professional, quiet and quick. I just wish I had come after the whole event as the thought of what could have happened if something went wrong is quite frightening.

I thought I had handled myself well but I had this huge amount of energy that I used sorting things in my studio (which is a total mess) later that night. This morning I felt stiff and had a bad, nightmares from the strange day. The nightmare was something about an old man trying to break into our house and Jon getting that person to calm down. It was very upsetting to say the least.

Anyway, today was much better and calmer. The volunteers are doing great and I feel lucky to have people interested in the house and helping out. Harrison was crankier (obviously, from the shots he had) but we managed. My friend came by with her kids and it was a relief to chat and my kids had a good time. But I really need to remember to bring snacks. I keep forgetting...and boy, do the kids remind me with their cranky mentality. I feel bad about that.

We came home and though it's a mess here, still, we're relaxing and getting ready for the weekend. I got to see "Ghost Whisperer", so I'm content. This is the only TV show I's mostly for the set design but I also like the ghost elements. Working in a Victorian style House will do that too you.

I think a lot of people have been going out lately and at odd hours. We went to the market at 7:00pm and there were crowds. I know it's weather related. Everyone is like, Thank God it's warming up!

One thing about the warm weather is the mud. We've got such a mucky yard, it's terrible. Nelson jumped all over me this morning and I had to wash his paws...I practically needed a bath afterwards! Big yuck!

Anyway, I'm in a good mood now that my headache is mostly under control. We're getting ready for an Easter event at the museum and it should be a lot of fun. Wish us luck!


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