Learning new games...

When I was in 6th grade, my parents owned a little restaurant. For awhile, it did all right but then we lost it for some reason...I still don't really know. Anyway, this was a very exciting time in my life as the little restaurant was located in this plaza/outdoor mall area and was probably one of the biggest cultural meeting places I had ever had...except, perhaps school (went to public school and was very lucky to be a part of such a group. We had people who were new immigrants, settled people and so on...just amazing when I think about it).

Well, some of the fun things about having a restaurant in such a place was there where other restaurants, Chinese, Greek, and few others I can't remember. On the way into the entrance to the plaza was a magazine seller...had all sorts and of course comics (which I still love). I'd spend many hours there and nearly all of my little earnings when I helped my parents. I pretty much liked all comics but especially, Archie, Betty and Veronica and Sci-fi. There were a couple of little shops out front and they sold the usual stuff...clothing, jewelry and a really neat stationary store where they had some sort of Japanese style cartoons. Loved that! Plus, there was this great shop where the owner was a nice man. He watched everyone and loved to talk with everyone. He gave me some dreidels around Hanukkah time. I didn't really understand the game too well...or really remembered how he taught we to play. But I kept the little dreidels and am going to learn to play this with my kids. I found some cool directions on how to play. I think we'll be able to catch on quickly. It will be fun to use the actual dreidels I got and sort of bring back that kind man and his patience (he really tried to explain the game several times to me, but I was an impatient kid...what do you expect?). lol!

Anyway, I'm looking for games to play as it snowed more and is even harder to get out and about. We managed to make it to Target yesterday...the first time I was out in 2 or so weeks. I had a good time but the parking lot was full of massive salty puddles of slushie snow. Yuck!

For Christmas, I got the kids a game called Mancala...I love it but it seems to bore the kids a bit. Darn...maybe, if I make it more interesting with a prize. Oh, well.


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