I don't like the cold...just whining...

We had -3 degrees about 1 week ago. Our kitchen pipe froze and didn't run for 4 hours. We were lucky as it didn't burst but, man, we were afraid it was going to. One of the good things about winter is cold water from the tap...it tastes like the best ice water you can imagine. But if your pipes freeze, it's not so great, let me tell you. We stuck a heater under the kitchen sink, the smell isn't that great and I had to turn it off after awhile. We have learned our lesson and have left the cupboard opened on the coldest nights. My sis-in-law wasn't so lucky...her town's pipe burst and caused all their toliets to back up/flood the basement. They were out about $140 to the plumber to make things right.

I just turned up the heat to 62 on the thermostat. I felt like my bones were brittle. That's how cold I feel...and still do. I need tea and I'm all out of peppermint. dang.

I've been driving around, finally. I have to use 4-wheel drive to get out of driveway and alley. It's a bit of an adventure; a tad scary. But the streets are usually well salted/cleared. So, this is good.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 44 degrees. I hope to God it is and melts some of ice on our walking path. I'm shocked at the ice/packs of snow. It is pretty in the sunlight, I admit...so white and fresh. I cannot deny this.

I decided to do a mild workout...and am feeling this mild attempt in my back and tummy. I guess I shouldn't have jumped into it by doing 200 crunches. Oh, well...

I believe, I really do (even with all the above), that spring is on it's way. I have started to clean out my closet...which needed it badly. I will be donating a bunch of stuff to the Salvation army.

Jon and I stayed up and watched an independent film called "Seducing Doctor Lewis". It was pretty good and is what a lot of towns around here feel like too...jobs leaving, people stressed/frustrated, and almost willing to do anything to survive. But it had a good old happy ending...I really do like happy endings. I need to watch more independent films.

I'm still in shock we have a new president! Amazing and I believe things are going to really get cleaned up for once and set on track.

I'm going to take a few Tulip bulbs and try to force them indoors. I think this will be a nice thing to do for all of us. Oh, and I have download about 200 photos I've been taking. Why did it seem simpler to take photos with film? I never had to pick up 200 photos from the photo lab. I'm going to have to get some ink for the printer, I think.

Otherwise, it's bed time and I need to sleep. So much to do tomorrow...plus, we're planning an event at the museum for Valentine's. I think it's going to go well. Sorry for the short sentences and so forth, I'm just tired.


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