It's a cold day and snow is starting to fall. We're supposed to get a winter storm tomorrow/this evening, I guess. I had Jon go to the market and get a huge list of food stuff we were low on...I feel better now.

Things are going better now that we are adjusting to baby Harrison. I thought it would be harder...well, the physical is harder. C-sections are a lot more pain, then I ever realized and I hope all mama's who have had or have to get them, will be given extra care/attention. It's amazing how the body heals so fast, but it really needs rest/help. It's not that easy, believe me.

I just ordered some made by me, birth announcements. I was going to do a pre-made one but for 25 it was be $50! That's outrageous. So, I made my own and got quite a few more (something like 60 for $10).

Anyway, I'm really glad we're homeschooling as the weather would be awful to go out in. Lydia has a cold, again. I'll have to take her to the doctors, I think.

I'm going to try to do some baking today. I hope I feel up to it. Mostly, I feel like sitting and resting. Which is good for homeschooling...we did a few more hours today and will do more.

If it snows, I hope it's enough for a snowman. We haven't made one yet. As with everything, I'll see how my energy level is. Boy, I get tired fast.

Well, I'm off to do some more work with the kids.


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