My computer was down for about 2 weeks...very annoying and have finally gotten it up and running. In the meantime, we have had some really cold weather...snow, ice, blizzard like conditions. Most of the time, we were all safe inside but every now and then, it's been yucky traveling. This means staying at home and waiting till the weather let's up before getting supplies and so forth. So, in desperation (most of the time), I learned how to make casseroles. Oddly, I've never made one, really, before this winter. I've made something close to casseroles but honestly, I thought they were a lot of work. I usually make soup for something hot and comforting or else banana bread to warm up the kitchen (made that last night, actually).

But I never tried casserole in the sense of eggs and adding whatever you have around. I found a good recipe in one of the magazines I have geared towards mom's and so forth, and did my own adaptation. Basically, as long as you have eggs, some bread, a bit of cheese and some frozen or canned veggies, you can make a casserole. I even used cheese from a can and one onion bagel! It was pretty tasty, I must say. So, the humble casserole is quite good when you don't have as many supplies in the house or are just sick of soup (not that I ever really could be...unless it warms up to 80 degrees someday). I'm aiming to try pop over next and soup.

Oh, a really nice yummy food to warm you up (and a fave for everyone), use some of those forgotten dried fruits (those raisins in the back of the cupboard and that organic moment, cranberries), Fruit Empanadas. Oh, these are good...basically you make little pastry like crust (this one calls for vinegar, but I used baking powder in mine)with sweetened fruit. I cooked the fruit in sugar with cinnamon and crushed cloves (I used all spice instead) with a bit of water for about 10-15 minutes. Then, I baked it at 350 until there was a brownish crust (good reason to stay in a warm kitchen). These are delicious and let me just say, the kids LOVED them! Plus, it's a nice way of getting a bit of Hispanic culture. I got my recipe from an old Arizona Highways cookbook. This must have been from our adopted Grandma Alta. She lived in Arizona most of her life and was our first experience with a vegetarian (she was 7th Day Adventist) as well as religion that was new to us. She lived through the great Depression and taught us all sorts of interesting foods to use...I actually found a recipe that is (I believe) the very one she used to make...Oatmeal patties (the early version of veggie burgers). I'll have to put that up here soon...I made the oatmeal patties into oatmeal meatloaf. It actually calls for cottage cheese and eggs for the base as well as oatmeal. It's very good with blue cheese dressing.

Oh, and this is for my sis...I'm back on-line! She was worried about me. Basically, I've been taking care of the kiddos, making various meals and doing a bit of art in-between resting.


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