10 degrees...

That's what the weather is right now...outside my door. Too cold to do anything outside. The kids will be disappointed. But I think I will surprise them by getting a bit shovel full of snow and put it in some big containers so they can play with it. I got that idea from Wonder Time, a kids magazine. I actually did that about 2 years ago...we had fun then, and should have fun again.

Once it does get a bit warmer, I'm going to give them squirt bottles with water in pink, green and purple. They can decorate the snow. :) I still cannot believe how cold it is. Thank goodness, Jon sealed the windows.

Did I mention that one of my guinea pigs passed away recently? I was very sad (I took it harder then the kids, as usual). She was the mama guinea pig and died about 3 days before Christmas. Well, Jon knew I was sad and went with the gals and got a new piggie. Her name is Apple Jack (after a My Little Pony toy). We call her AJ. She is brown and white and is really, really cute. Once she settles down (we've had her for about 2 weeks now) and I can get a picture of her, I'll post that. She moves with lightening speed and popcorns around the cage like crazy. She is a total sweetie!

In other news, we are reading out loud the adventures of Moomintrolls. The kids LOVE it and reenact all the scenes. I'm so happy they love the Moomin's. :) They love the humor and the fact that Moomin's are smart enough to hibernate during the winter and wake up when it is warm Spring. We could all learn from that! lol!


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