My sis-in-law introduced this term to me...nesting. I just read the definition. I guess I'm starting to feel this way as I made Jon help me move a bunch of boxes in the basement to the coal bin(boxes that we have to save for the cyber school stuff...VERY ANNOYING. I'd just throw them away). Then, I cleared out the mud room, sorted a bunch of stuff to give to the Salvation Army and am looking over the goodies I got from the baby shower today. Yes, my sis-in-law threw me a was really sweet and very nice as brother-in-law made quiche...VERY good quiche. :) Plus, we got to take the left over cake home. :) :)

Then, I fell asleep and felt sick to my stomach. Jon woke me up and I had to go to Target and get some supplies (not baby but house supplies, organizing). So, I guess that's nesting for you. I also pulled out a bunch of decorations for Christmas and we decorated a bit more. I found this tree that I got a few years ago...I only have the top part which is about 3.5 feet tall. I want to put it in a bucket with a plaster base and it will look very charming as well as stand the test of small hands and paws. I may do this tomorrow if the weather isn't too icky (supposed to snow/rain with ice). Sigh...

I also did about 50 new paintings...inked, that is and need to paint them. So, I guess I fit the bill of a nesting mama. I'm just glad I got more bottled water (for some reason this appeals to me) and trail mix. Today was just a strange, fun day. Now, I think I'll grab a handful of some delightful trail mix and go to bed. Poor Jon seems to have gotten my cold. Thankfully, we have a supply of facial tissue, tea and donuts (they seem to fit well together).

Look beautiful!


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