Mood: tired

It's one of those cold days...40 degrees and supposed to drop into the 30's tonight. I feel tired and hungry. I had to do some shopping for the art classes coming up...we ran out of some supplies but I have some grant money to spend on this, thankfully. But I must say, I really hate shopping. It should be fun, I suppose but I just feel tired...I guess it's the weather. Plus, we got lost while trying to get to a friends house before the big shopping trip. I think this tired me out.

I did get all the shopping done and I found something called fabric glue. I need to fix the hole on my winter coat. It's annoying as it's a down coat and all the down is flying everywhere. I got a cute patch to put on top of the glue...a flower with love on it. I think it will look nice.

Some great news, not huge or anything, but I found my watercolor box! It was under the art table in the dining room in a box. I should have looked there first but didn't...I'm glad about finding it. Plus, I found my glasses and a few other things that seemed to be missing. I must have been a bit scatter brained lately. Thank goodness it's all coming back to me. Now, I have to do some long awaited painting.

I found out something about my self. I'm not fond of Halloween candy. The small pieces just make me want more and I think if you get too much, you get addicted to the sugar and feel blah if you don't get the same up feeling from candy the next day. I think this is why I really wanted salads the last few days.

Started reading a book by Mauve Binchy...I got it for a quarter at the last flea market for the year. It was from the red hat society. They also have a booth at the Duncansville Antique mall...I thought that was a great way to get sales, etc. I may look into this either for the museum or my own art. I'd like to partner with somebody to do this. Also, I found out I missed the entry to have a craft table at St. Mary's...I did this last year and got a tremendous, maybe it was a good thing to miss. Oh, well.

I'm really trying to reduce my stress level as it's been pretty high lately. I had a home nurse drop by and found out it was a lot lower if I'm comfy at home. So, running around would make your heart beat a bit faster...esp. when 7.5 months pregnant.

I just want to take a nap but just found out we have to go to the sis-in-laws place instead of grandparents. It's a longer drive and a bit exhausting to think about right now. I just want to take a nap...maybe after I have some lunch. I hope I feel better about wanting to go anywhere after I rest.


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