Colds make the rounds...

I've been having a time with a bad cold...not fun and makes a person feel just so blah. It doesn't help to be about 9 months pregnant either. I found out that they (the 1st doc) had miscalculated my due date some how (I suspected this from the start) and I am full term right now! I hope this comes naturally as I really don't want to be induced and I do not want wait. Right now, everything is fine and I just feel really, really tired.

I still can't believe Thursday is Thanksgiving. I'm going to try and make a new dessert but if I can't do it, it's not the end of the world. It's something I learned about while the gals were studying Australia...called a Pavlova cake. Wish me luck.

Not only was I surprised about the due date of number 3, but we've had the most snow I've ever seen before Thanksgiving! It's amazing how much there is...TOO MUCH. I dread going out and slipping. All I can do is just putter around and walk with my yak tracks. It's a pain.

A good angel sent us a gift last week and I was able to get new winter coats for my gals. They needed them as the free one's are better for sledding if anything. So, I was glad about that.

We're trying out the girl scouts. I hope I can do this and if not, hopefully, the grandparents will help us out with all of that. We went tonight and the kids had a good time. I'm looking forward to the cookie drive, I know, carbs but they're so good if rationed!

My hands are all dried out and cracked as is my face. I cracked my lip just smiling and it hurts so much. I still can't believe how awful this weather is being...and it's supposed to last for at least 2 more weeks. I was hoping we'd go snowless until mid-December like some of the previous years but nope, not this time.

I've been working a little projects here and there...just trying to get stuff done for gifts and things. I hope I can do it and still do everything else (i.e. cyber school, raising baby, etc). The good thing is I don't have venture (too much anyway) out in the cold as much if I was going to a brick and mortar school. I'm getting the hang of the schooling stuff too. I realize now, I have to use the morning a little more productively and it all works out well. Feeling better from my cold, helps too.

Well, so far nothing really new happening in terms of baby stuff. I'm supposed to have a little shower on Saturday. If everyone just let me sleep while I was there, I wouldn't mind. :)

I guess I'm just glad I survived driving around in all the snow/slush/ice...boy, does this make a person feel tired out. Now, I know why Jon feels so tired all the time...he has to drive the shuttle to State College (for the carpool), several times a week. Sigh...

Well, I'm off to bed and boy do I need it.


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