Whirling weekends...

We had a good weekend...not too stressful or anything. It was actually really nice as I got to do a few hours of schooling for the kids, we played/did art at the museum and then went for a hike at Valley View park. There is a large park area by the Veterans Hospital. The park is then next to a hiking trail that reminds me of Griffith Park in California, only better. It has streams, gorgeous trees, birds, somewhat peaceful feel (you can still hear cars going by) and it feels like you have escaped the city even if it's just a half mile walk and your in a groomed park area. I'm beginning to really love it as it's not an hours drive like Canoe Creek or Shavers Creek (both are love at first site hiking areas). Valley View hiking is more like you need to tell yourself to bring a trash bag and start picking up the garbage people "accidentally" drop. Sort of like a neglected cat or beautiful but muddy and slightly dented Mercedes Benzes. Poor thing. A little more TLC and it would be really nice.

Anyway, I like it and it's a wonderful respite in all the bustle of life. Plus, there are some interesting wildflowers about and sweet little bridges to cross. It can be a bit disturbing as there is a sign saying to enter at your own risk...most hiking is risky but why put a sign like that? I know, to cover any sort of problems, I suppose.

Well, other than that, I did some artwork as well. I'm very pleased with how several art pieces are coming out. I want to do more and will be soon. I've nearly finished all my swaps, thankfully. Plus, I have one last piece to finish (it's for my youngest daughter for Christmas). I want to make something for my eldest as well and my sis/niece. I can't think right now, as I feel sleepy. Today was chore day and I got a lot done, thankfully. Jon made bacon over the weekend and it really greased up the kitchen. Yuck.

More homeschool books arrived and I'm really feeling like we're in a good groove/place. I just feel so supported (never really felt like that elsewhere) and we can move to our own beat. Such a pleasant feeling, really. Plus, I found out there is something called Catholic Saturday school, so we may do this. I feel bad about not taking the classes for me but there is next year...too much happening this year, honestly. I feel good about a lot of things and I feel like stuff is being settled into a good routine. Also, Jon cleaned the guinea pig cage and this is a huge help. I want to redo their cage and make it less open (as the base is just a board and their litter/pellets fall out...yuck) and more secure.

But right now, I'm tired and ready to sleep. I just hope tomorrow is as productive. Funny how a little hiking in nature and doing some art gives you such a pleasant joy.


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