Warm days...

It's been a warm streak for the past couple of weeks with only one or two days of rain (and boy did it rain!). However, it's warm again and dry...so very unlike the East and reminds me of the West so much. Good clothes drying on the line days...

I'm glad as Jon just finished cleaning out the guinea pig cage...it smells a lot better. Tomorrow I have to do Odie's cage and the house will be, oddly, clean. We got half of our supplies for the cyber school and the computers are set up...we look a bit like a computer lab in here. lol But I like it as it feels cozy and a good feeling having the kids have their stations for working. I'm starting to feel positive about all of this. Last night was another story. Today was much better with getting the books and some of the supplies. There is so much you get as well...lots of new things like books and every subject you can think of; music, history, art, science, language, etc. I'm just very impressed.

I feel good there is a once a month "show us your stuff" assignment. Basically, a writing assignment (basic for K and 1st) that we turn in to show progress, etc. Other than that, it seems pretty straight forward. I was surprised at the supplies and primarily at the quality...very good and I know the gals are very excited. I'm pleased as it's even better than I expected.

We're lucky this old house came with two nearly identical desks...I was going to paint them white but they actually look a bit charming in their old dark colors/stain. They're from the 30's and actually make the seating area look mature and sophisticated for the kids. I like it.

It's funny how you worry so much and then everything just sort of works out for itself...at least most of the time. That's how I feel about this cyber school. I was stressing out so much about books/supplies being behind school work. As it turns out, we're doing good and just need to get a rhythm for schooling. Thank the stars.

Once this weekend passes, I think a lot of things will calm down (we're participating at the Lakemont Festival this weekend...a lot of work and this is another stressor...thankfully, there are some very dedicated people involved. I'm still recovering from the Fancy Nancy Tea...it was so fun but SO much work! Next time, I'll plan that better).

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Monday and had a great time. I was surprised at how old the zoo looked/felt...I knew it was at least in the 1930's...but found out it was originally made in the 1800's. It just felt sort of quaint and a bit intimidating with the cages sort of open and not open. Gave me a weird dream-like feel. I guess it was the way you have to take an escalator up to the top and then meander down these paths that turn left and right. Just felt sort of odd and maybe a bit too natural (lots of overgrown everything which was explained as letting it have a natural feel. It reminded me so much of the time when I was in 6th grade and we went to the Griffith Park for our last day of celebration. We found an abandoned zoo and cages while exploring...everything was overgrown and sort of wild feeling with these 1920's-like cages everywhere). The funny thing is we went on Labor day and it was PACKED. It was a bit crazy with mom's screaming at kids, people looks sort of dazed and confused and for some reason, the monkey exhibit smelled really, really badly and everyone had this sort of trapped-in-hell look. Plus, it was at least 90 degrees in the "fake humidity". I'd say the zoo needs some grants to get fixed up, actually. I hope the monkeys weren't getting a whiff of that stink...good God.

The drive was a bit much but not as bad as I thought (2 hours). Also, I really thought Pittsburgh was going to be flat and industrial. It was a bit industrial but mostly hills! At times, it felt like we were driving in Hollywood hills or something...at least now, when it's warm. Very picturesque and old timey.

Anyway, I feel like we're still getting over this weekend. I feel things are going well and routine will be part of our day soon. I have no idea if I'll have anyone signed up for my art classes...I'm looking forward to this as well.

I feel pretty good otherwise...I wasn't so hot earlier but it was mostly from the heat and doing so much dang laundry. I need to do some art for myself and my swaps. Then, I'll feel a lot better.

Well, it's getting late and I feel a bit tired...didn't get a nap yet. Hope everyone is having a good week.


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