Photo from Pittsburgh Zoo

huge fish tank, originally uploaded by emily999.

We went there about 2 or so weeks ago. We loved the fish and penguins best. I wish I could capture the fish better...they were really amazing.

Today, we went to Roaring Springs. I wanted to see where I was going to give birth and then, we took a side trip to "The Spring" in Roaring Springs. Oddly, this was probably a bit better then the aquarium at the zoo. It was less crowded, had more variety of fish and of course, ducks. It was very pleasant and relaxing. There were several trout, huge bright yellow fish, and smaller red/orange carp.

Plus, the water was so clear and clean and I forgot my camera, hence the fish photo from the zoo. I want to go back and when we do, I'll bring the camera for sure. We fed the ducks and will probably bring bread next time...


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