Never took my nap...

yet, I'm not too grumpy. :)

It is raining as if our entire town suddenly floated off under a waterfall. Haven't seen it rain so intensely...I like it, but wish this had happened when we had that dry period about a month or two ago. Ah, well...

The birds outside are singing and chattering because it's a warm rain and they seem to sing any chance they get. We should all be more like the sparrows.

The girls were in a peevish mood and so out of sorts. I we went for a walk but I guess they just felt so blah from being cooped up inside all the time. Even the museum has lost it's wonderful feeling for them. I made sure to have them do art and create things and this helped. Apparently, the museum was packed earlier this morning (Family Fridays are a hit) and there was a bit of a mess once I arrived at 2pm. So, I had to do more cleaning with more people arriving all the time. But it was a good chaotic feeling. Thank goodness, I had someone to cover for a few hours...I need to get some 4 hour coverage in the morning or I'm going to have very grumpy kids (or I'll have to call the grandparents more often. Hopefully, this is something that will become a routine, actually).

I feel a bit down because I haven't been doing too much art lately, I guess. It's not because I don't want to but the time factor. I know things will calm down once I get a good routine going for the kids and school work. This isn't the problem either. It's a strange feeling like I want to get my hair cut differently or I don't know what. A make over? ha-ha I guess it's sort of a feeling I wish we were already finished with a few projects and could hibernate in winter feeling.

I did finish two mini quilts for the girls (they started embroidering their names) and I got them finished. I'm working on some swaps and am nearly finished. Then, I have to help the girls finish their work assignments for September. Then, I'll be clear for another month...and can work on my longer projects. But first, I have to make dinner. I need some new recipes as I'm tired of my regular stuff...spaghetti and beans or grilled cheese sandwich. I haven't made a soup in a while. Of course, Lydia just pulled out the strawberry jam. So, I guess PJ's are it.


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