It's really raining...

I had the kids decked out in rain boots and ponchos...even Mr. Nelson was covered. I had my umbrella but I think I'm going to get myself a poncho and boots too. My feet aren't soaked but they were getting there. Plus, it's chilly to walk without a poncho or some rainproof gear.

I'm tired but feel good about going for the walk. We were starting to get cabin fever a bit, I think. Now, we can relax a bit and not feel stressed out. We did some school work already and that made the walk better, I think.

I notice with the school work, when I teach Lydia, Norrie gets jealous and when I work with Norrie, Lydia gets jealous. So, I try to do the same thing (math or writing at the same time). This helps and makes it so they aren't in direct competition for my attention.

Can't believe how much rain is coming down. I had read the weather and it said PM storms but as soon as I woke up, it was raining. I woke up early and feel like a nap, now.

I'm thinking of getting contacts again. They seem like a good idea as I get so warm and my glasses keep fogging up or slipping off my nose. Very annoying.

We've almost got all our materials, finally. I'm just waiting for phonics/math and art I think. This is the longest wait, I must say. Yesterday, we did some type of testing for the gals to see where they're at, etc. It was at Panera Bread. I've never been there and it smelled really some decaf coffee. It was nice as we also got some samples. Might go back there some time.

I feel like I've got so much to do, and I do. But it's not too huge to do, just a matter of precious time. At least the dryer is fixed, finally. This has made life a bit more bearable.

One thing that is really annoying about the museum is we don't have internet access. This has got to be the most tiresome thing as I have to take home anything I want to look up for grants and update websites, etc; I have to do so from home. If I could do this at the museum, it would be a huge relief/time saver. I applied for a grant and haven't heard from them yet...If I got this one, we could do so much there and kids would have a few computers as well for art, etc.

As for baby news, things are progressing nicely and boy, is this kid moving around! It's a great feeling and reminds me to slow down, not to stress too much. I'm excited and oddly, even though I have a lot to do, I feel like it's all doable and not a burden.

This sleepy feeling is calling me and I may take a nap after we read for a bit in bed. I have to watch the museum in a few hours and it should be fine. I'm expecting a big turnout as it's a really wet and rainy day. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy too.

I actually looked at my garden yesterday and instead of just random plants that seemed to plant themselves, I was surprised to see tomatoes growing! It was a nice discovery as I thought everything worth growing had died off from the lack of rain. Hopefully, they'll make it and I can have a few tomatoes. This last dry spell was so annoying...I think it made the animals more aggressive about finding water and they attacked all moist plants (even the watermelons I tried to grow). Strange. I'll have to try a different garden plot for next year as we had so many chipmunks, it looked like a neighborhood had moved in. I wonder if it's because there are too many people using pesticides and these critters have no place to go. This is one reason why I'm not too mad at the critters...It's a shame more people don't realize when they use pesticides, they are hurting themselves as well (we use the same air and water, after all).


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