Finally, on-line

I don't remember when it was I last posted...but it's been sometime. Our internet was down as we were connecting everyone to a network here at home. There was a special formula to get the stuff hooked up and we didn't know this...until, yesterday. Jon put it all together (I couldn't understand the directions over the phone...I tried miserably to get connected). Thankfully, things seem to be moving along well.

Right now, the gals are on-line doing I love this site (as well as for educational type games. They are really zipping along having fun and learning. When they were going to school outside the house, they never got a chance to be on the computer or else a very short time. It was disappointing as I do believe kids should get as much computer time as possible (helps with skills in the future and helps them to be a part of the bigger global picture). There are a lot of safety features and having us all in the same room, is an added plus.

We have some museum time today. Looks like the free art classes are starting to pick up and I'm very pleased with this. Also, we had a good meeting on Tuesday and some things were resolved...and to my surprise, a different way of working with space was suggested. We shall see if everything works.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get a few swaps I have going, finished. I did some experimental pieces and though they look fine, I feel I could do better. Plus, I didn't realize there was a size restriction and they are bigger then what was intended. So, it's back to the drawing board.

In the process of creating my experiments, I found out my sewing machine does work. It was really odd, as the bobbin winder didn't work before and when I cleared it off (it was a tad lint covered); it started working! I was very pleased and have been sewing a bit more. It still needs to go to the repair shop (the thread holder was snapped off by a curious kid, sometime ago).

We did a little hand sewing last night. Lydia was doing well but got frustrated and started saying she NEEDED to use the sewing machine. I'm so sure. Of course, I didn't allow her too and she kept staring at it like it would solve all her problems...this made me feel, even though she's younger than the recommended age, I will get her a child sewing machine for Christmas. It won't solve her patience problem, but it will give her that feeling of control, learning a new skill and pride in her abilities.

It's amazing how kids think. I remember the same curiosity with my mom and her sewing machine and wanting one for myself. I'm glad I'm passing this interest to Lydia and Norrie.

I'm getting used to the homeschooling schedule and actually am enjoying it. It's a lot less stress than what we had before for many reasons. I'm going to find a Unitarian type religious studies program for them. I still want to do the Catholic background but I'm not sure what is available for their age...will have to talk to the local priest, if anything. I like doing Unitarian studies because it gives a global approach to beliefs and focuses on the positive.

Well, these are my goals and I think they are more than enough for our home life. I'm just glad things are progressing well with the internet...boy, I started to feel like I was on an island, again.

Hope everyone has a great day! :)


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