It feels, at times, like I'm a half inflated balloon. I just feel tired or in need of a good nap. The gals are bouncing around the house and that's fine, I just wish I could bounce too.

The weather has turned a bit darker, windy and's still hot, however. I sometimes wish we had a pool to lounge in for a few hours. Not a huge one but something just to sit in and float. I'd even take a Japanese type tub.

Otherwise, I'm having a good day with the kids...mostly reading and my throat is all tired. It's actually very nice because we have a lot of new books to read and the work we do for K and 1st grade is a lot of fun with good supplies. It took me about 5 or so hours to get the hang of it, and now I feel like I can do this. The cyber school even gives teaching ideas for language and math. I wish I had had a book like this for Lydia when she was in K...I'm using some of the techniques for both of them. It feels so good to know what to do and not be left to what a teacher suggests or on your own. It impowers the parent, oddly, guiding me with examples and insight. I really think all schools (private, public, cyber, homeschool, unschooling, etc) should have a simple guide book (sort of like a what to expect while you're expecting book) for teaching basic stuff like writing,reading,etc. It makes you feel like you're not on an island floating around and not having any idea of what you're doing (at least, that's how I felt).


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