Ah, Sunday. I love Sunday is especially as it's beautiful with the sun shining and the weather is supposed to be in the high 70's. Wonderful. I had a bit of a early morning attack and got up at 6:25 to see the sunrise. A few wispy clouds were touched with pink, yellow, purple against a light blue sky. I wish my camera batteries weren't used up or I'd be able to share a pic of this. I'll have to try a painting of this to show what I saw...

Speaking of painting, the gals and I sat outside with the kiddies table and did some paper clay (the kind where you add water) and for an hour we had a great time. It was very relaxing as we were the only ones outside in the shade and got to chat and enjoy each other doing something creative. I love moments like these.

At the museum, we painted a big chalkboard on the front porch (it needs another coat) for kids to do hopscotch or just color with chalk. I noticed some of the volunteer kids drawing on the cement up to the museum. You can't really see the chalk on the pale cement and it's not really safe (there are cars going by all the time). So, this will be a nice addition on pleasant days or even warm rainy days. I may border it with some paint to add some color/design.

Anyway, I also want to get a big 1 gallon (or two) of paint and paint the railings on the front porch and the front door. Red for the doors and maybe royal blue for the railing top. I noticed a lot of similar homes in the area do this two tone color for their porches with a very lovely effect.

Speaking of porches, we have to paint ours. We finally got the paint awhile back and the weather is cooperating, finally. Last weekend, instead of going on a mini-vacation (like I had hoped) we cleaned up 50% of the 3rd floor. It's starting to look really good. I want to paint the walls a mustard yellow with a white trim. The floors will be white too. This will be a big play/den area for the family. Jon will have a desk up there (my old art table will be his new actually came with the house).

While up there, I found the little Tiny Tailor my mom got me a few years ago and have been trying this out for sewing. I completely forgot about this and it's really good to have something to use while I eventually get the big sewing machine fixed. I also have a really old sewing model from a friend that needs to be repaired...maybe I'll try to get that fixed too (it's one of those that are connected to a little desk).

Anyway, bit by bit the house is getting organized. I'm really glad we're getting some much needed painting done...Jon has goals to have things painted by September or so. I don't know, maybe. I'd rather have new windows but this is a much more costly thing.

I've been reading my Simple Abundance book by Sarah Ban Breathnach’s and there was a month donated to how to enjoy home repair. One author she mentioned, said to think of it as a hobby. So true. It's made the house more of a fun project than something that has to be done...


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