We've been having a week of up's and down's over here. The up part is we had a great turnout for the Mystery Tour at the museum...about 130 people got to find out about the museum and get an idea of what we are about. They were very enthusiastic, interested and pleased with the changes made. I was very glad about that. It was a free tour, but the idea is to get them to see the wonderful space we offer for the community as well as children. It was really great and I'm glad we joined the Alleghany Mountains Convention and Visitor really brought people in. Many wanted to know the history and how to rent for events. So, a huge hit!

With all this going on, we slowed down a bit with the gals getting sick. Both have full colds and I guess I'm coming down with something. Lydia was throwing up and very sick the other night but is better. She looks run down. So, if she doesn't improve, to the doctors we go.

On top of this, Mr. Nelson (after catching a baby bunny, who survived, thankfully!), got stuck by a thorn or bit by a bug and his whole face swelled up. Poor guy! We took him to the vet and he's on antibiotics, now. I was really worried about him as he looked so awful...and his personality was like one quarter Mr. Nelson. Poor little guy. He seems to be perking up already after his shot, however...already starting to mooch more. :)

Otherwise, things seem to be calming a bit...hopefully. I'm going to put more auctions up on eBay for some art work. I've been creating like crazy and found more work I had done stored away...I forgot about a huge batch I must have done 3 months ago or so. Plus, I want to take a bunch of framed work to Tait Farms and display there. They're great as I always sell a few pieces of work. You have to go where people appreciate your style. I noticed this isn't the case in a few places I've displayed...but that's how you learn.

We are definitely doing cyber school for the kids. I started to have a panic feeling at first but feel better now. I think everything will be all right and will try my/our best. I've always wanted to do this and now that I'm actually doing it, it's a bit exciting and scary. I've gotten advice saying the 1st year is the hardest, so I hope I can at least accomplish the basics of each grade. Wish us luck! I must admit I am very lucky I have friends who homeschool and a great support network in, this is a blessing.

Art-wise, I'm a little sad. I need to get my sewing machine repaired as it's broken. But will have to wait, I guess, till next month. In the meantime, I'll have to do stitching by hand...unless, I can save up for repairs quickly. I really need to get another working sewing machine, I think. I do a lot of work on these machines.

Otherwise, life continues on...I found out recenty that my aunt is now in a nursing home. She's safe and secure as she was found wandering the streets and may have fallen and hurt herself. She was incoherent but is stable now. I'm praying she'll be all right. I'm just glad she's safe and this happened when the weather was calm. This could have been a lot worse.


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