Spicing things up...

Well, I was feeling a bit blah art-wise...or rather sort of stuck in a puddle when it came to inspiration. And, I thought, what's the best way to get yourself out of a puddle? Surround yourself by like minded artistic people and have some fun! So, I've signed up for 2 swaps: Black Crow's animal doll swap and Viv's Halloween Ball. What cool subjects and of course, I LOVE Halloween...hehehe.

So, I'm going to give it my best in-between doing a few other things. It's funny how you get comfy and it just seems like things are a bit flat. So, you through some spice into your life...something wholesome and not too jarring, at least! lol!

Speaking of jarring, my youngest has been going through a bought of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) like behavior. I had read that it could be caused by strep and so I got her tested yesterday as she was really having some issues with the whole concept of germs. In an hour, she'd tell me this has germs and that has germs...it was getting very frustrating to say the least and I would imagine hard for her to do much of anything enjoyable. We talked about it and I mentioned that germs are everywhere but we need to wash our hands only before we eat and after we use the bathroom. She wanted to wash them ALL the time. I also tried to lighten things up with humor as she would be really frustrated if she couldn't wash or if a cat walked by and brushed against her. I felt a bit scared (we have had friends with severe OCD) it could lead to something worse, so I'm glad we went to the doctor and we have a plan to address this. They did some blood work to test for various things (strep, among them). Later that night, she threw up all over...so, I'm guessing it's some sort of illness related thing that makes kids start behaving differently than normal. I'm just grateful to have read the info I had...I hope the tests come back normal. This should clear up after she's done being sick...and come back when she gets sick again. So, at least I'll know when she's sick! Oh, my...poor baby. What she has, most likely, is called PANDAS. The doctor gave me the above link and it is quite excellent. And even if this is a phase, it's good to have a plan to address something like this and not ignore things until they get worse. At least that's how I feel.

Also, looks like there is some sort of a germ that is being spread around as Jon's sick and so is his mom. My niece was sick a few days ago...and it just seems like everyone is throwing up or feeling icky in the opposite end. I just hope I don't get anything either...or my eldest. I was feel gross the other day and thought I was having a bad feeling with the baby but I feel fine today. I will take it a little easier (I did carry 3 baskets of laundry down to the basement...I know I should have waited for Jon). I feel fine today. I, also, got 3 thorns stuck in my foot and that was horrible...my foot swelled and I just felt terrible. I got them all out this morning, thank God. It was Mr. Nelson's fault as he dragged it in after chasing rabbits under the prickle bush out back.

I have to download about 200 pics (well, maybe 100) as I haven't done anything since the B-day parties. First, however, I have to get all my old photos off which are making this computer run like a turtle on a sunny afternoon...hardly at all.

I did manage to finish 33 new paintings and put up 25 or so oldies on flickr...I'm going to list these tomorrow night, I think...or tonight. We'll see. I have to see as Jon came home from work early with an icky below feeling and is resting. So, I have double duty.

I have to get some paper work finished as well and I can, actually, see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a long tunnel, believe me, and I was feeling frustrated. However, now I feel like things are starting to roll. It helps to listen to some good Benny Goodman as well...

Otherwise, things are calming down a bit. I was stressed out because of some craziness that was happening on my block. Nothing related to us, thankfully, but it was disturbing. I'm just really, really glad the local authorities are getting things worked out.

I'm also updating the art blog for the local paper...it's looking really good and I just need to add the pics. I think this should be very good. I love learning about local artists in the area and giving them some voice.

Well, got to get the rest of today done before it's the start of night! Have a great afternoon!


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