Finally, rain has come back to Altoona. We've had a terrible 3 weeks without a bit of rain and only a tease of dew, now and then. Too much like Southern California, if you ask me. It's a bit funny as the rain is extremely strong right now, and I can just imagine the Earth absorbing it like a dry sponge. Poor trees and plants. Several of my plants died because I just forgot to water them between this dry spell.

I've been feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed...partially normal pregnancy stuff and then the other is life stress. Nothing can really be done, so I have to wrap my mind around it in a way that I don't become overwhelmed and have a freak out. Mostly, I've resolved to just daydream and then clean something...usually this works.

At the moment, I've got a nice event for Saturday coming up...a tea for kids at the museum. I think it will go well. It will be especially nice if we can get the oven to work and I can bake some cookies besides having some tea/punch for the kids. I was starting to dread it and feel that whole "What if it's not what they expected and I fail?" feeling. But I know this is a mixture of being tired (it's late at night) and being a tad stressed out. I'll just do my best, be happy that I can do something like this and hopefully people will feel good. I'm hoping as long as there are M & M's people will be satisfied (they work for me).

We cleared up the gals rooms as they were getting really messy and cluttered. Jon moved several big things upstairs and they have more space. We're trying to make the 3rd floor into a sort of den. I don't know if this will work but we shall see.

I'm so happy it's raining! It's like a dream of rain...even though it's pouring and a bit cold, it makes me feel happy that it's back. In a few days, it's supposed to warm up and I can only imagine how it will be...gorgeous and fresh.

Mr. Nelson is back to his old doggie self...even more frisky and happy then ever. He's great even if he's a bit annoying when he's a bit bored (had to stay inside all day from the rain). He totally needs a trim and this is on the top of my agenda. I want to bring him to a new doggie grooming place and hope they are nice to him (he can be a bit taxing on your nerves).

Otherwise, things are going well. My sis-in-law and her family are settling in. She just got a job and starts on Monday (in nursing). And next, I imagine, is a house search in earnest. The kids are doing well...had to have some yearly booster shots but otherwise, are fine.

I have lots of things to do and of course, I don't want to do them. Mostly, get ready for tomorrow...opening up the museum and so forth. I'm tired and what I need is a good sleep after a cup of mint tea. Mint tea is my probably one of the things that keeps me sane.

Still need to get a battery for my camera and then, I won't have to write so much. My wrists are killing me from typing.


vivian said…
Hi Emily,
I need your address my friend.. sorry if you already sent it.. I'm like that.. If I dont deal with it as soon as something comes it gets stuck away, forgotten and lost!!
thanks.. and after I get your email, I can send you mine.. (unless I already did!which is totally possible!)
I have your animals done and ready to mail!!
thanks and hugs!
Melissa said…
Oh please send some rain my way. I just LOVE the rain...such a natural cleanser. I too do a lot of cleaning when I'm stressed. Helps me feel in control. Take care Emily and enjoy your tea moment!

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