That's what today felt like...I didn't actually iron anything, but it felt like I was getting the wrinkles out of various aspects of life. Phew! So, all is calm again (hopefully) and we can get things rolling along.

In other news, I'm really plugging away on these vintage strips of material I'm making into rag balls. They're for rugs I'm going to make...round one's. Not as good as my mom's or anything (she did the actually folding and ironing of the strips...I just don't have the time to do that, unfortunately). So, I just sew the ends together and will create a bunch of these rag balls to start crocheting. This is much better than the knotted kind as they just look too bunchy. I can't believe I did this nearly all day at the museum (great stress reliever and it should save my wrists).

It's great having the in-laws around...they dropped by the museum as well and it helped break the monotony for my gals. They really enjoy them. :)

We had a great turn out at the museum today...I expected this as it was a rainy day and this seem key to really good attendance.

I'm a little annoyed by the garden I planted this year. I made two big mistakes. The first one is I thought I had to plant the corn in the little space I use for delicate (in other words, rabbit fodder) plants. They are massive compared to the rest of the plants...Second, I planted gourds when I thought I was planting squash as well. I ended up with a HUGE plant that looks like something out of Frankenstein as it took over the whole garden. I can't even reach there to pick a gourd without being stabbed by the darn thing. Good grief. Besides all of this, the rabbits ate all the beans...but I'm learning to cope with this. I read this quote:

"All hedgerows should be planted with fruit trees, and those that picked it to satisfy their own hunger should go unpunished." John Tavener

I guess I should have planted a few bean plants for the rabbits to nibble on and not be tempted by my patch. I love that quote by true, really. I'm learning...

Of course, now I'm hungry too. I guess I'll have an apple. :)


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