Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well, Mr. Nelson (our little Bichon) has been getting under the prickle thicket by the garage and I suspected he was up to no good. As it turns out, I was right...boy, I would rather have been wrong. I heard him barking all over and acting a bit crazed and went outside and there he was flipping something in the air, barking and attacking something. I run out there and grabbed the laundry basket and threw it at Nelson as I knew what it was...a baby bunny. I was really upset and Nelson ran away as soon as he saw me storming at him. He knew he did wrong and didn't even try to attack the bunny again...the poor thing was screaming...

I looked at the bunny and it's little eyes were half opened, it's sides where heaving and I really, really wanted to pick it up and comfort it, but I didn't want it to go into shock or something. It curled up under the grass in a patch of sunlight and tried to get invisible. So, I think it's fine...I remember reading somewhere that if left undisturbed (with no injuries) they have a better chance of survival. Jon told me the mama rabbit will most likely come out and get it once it gets dark as, this was a relief. It looked close to being weaned.

Anyway, Nelson was repentant...he hide way over by the front of the house and I have him on a leash now. We're going to have to block access under the bush to keep Nelson out/away from rabbits and from bringing in thorns to the house. Sometimes, dogs are VERY frustrating.

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