Flies and more...

Today was an annoying day...first, the weatherman said it was going to be rainy and stormy. So, I didn't put any laundry out for fear of a down pour. It never happened and Jon was the one brave enough to put up a blanket or two and they dried perfectly. So, this was frustrating. Second, we had to cancel a trip to my friends house as the tire on Jon's car broke and this needs to be repaired as well as I feel sick-ish (I hope it's not the flu).

Oh, and this seems to be the month of flies as we have had the most annoying crop of flies I've ever seen. Jon went to get fly sticky paper and a swatter and they were sold out! So, he finally found some at the little neighborhood grocers...he swatted nearly 30 on his own.

Anyway, there was other annoying things...people basically thinking kids should be seen and not heard...Let's just say, I don't believe this and got upset about that attitude mainly because when I was a kid I had this annoying neighbor...I fell down while roller-skating on our block and was sitting on the grass of her front yard. I was crying and rubbing my knees. She called the other neighbor across the street and he came out and asked me to get off the grass. To this day, I think lawn care is a bunch of crap and kids are worth more than fancy yards and pretty things. I remember feeling so terrible at the time...he yelled at me for crying and denting the grass...and I wish I had taken my skates and kicked him in the shin!

So, I was annoyed by a bunch of flies and people who don't understand kids very well...


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