Disney's Enchanted -

Yes, everyone needs a Happy Working song! :) Have a great weekend!


vivian said…
hey emily! I need your email address, (vivianneroni@yahoo.com)
you swap partner for the halloween doll swap is Tanya http://enchantmentsandgiggles.blogspot.com/
when I get your email, I'll send you her email address as well. if you have trouble connecting with her let me know. be sure to stop by my blog for details and updates..I just posted tonight!
ok! I'm so glad you joined the swap! looks like we're in two swaps together right now. have a sweet weekend!
Hi Emily! It's me, Tanya, your Halloween doll swap partner! E-mail me when you get a chance!
And, my blog is a slow work in progress, just so you know if you go look at it! I am technologically challenged! Tan
Carolee said…
LOL - LOVE this clip, Emily! Thanks for sharing it. :)

~ Carolee

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