Chipmunk has been caught and released!

It definitely was a chippie in the house and we caught it in a havaheart trap we borrowed from the a wildlife rehabilitation center. Thank goodness! It was driving me crazy having that little fellow in the house and the fear of it being somewhere near you.

A few days after we caught the chippie we started to notice a strange odor. We thought it was chippie stinkies left over or something. It got stronger as we went upstairs and I started to think, there was two chippies or something. Then, the smell got really bad and I thought something died up here. We pulled out the furniture, picked up any laundry (thought it was wet towels or something), changed the trash, washed the floors, dusted/vacuumed everything and still, the stink persisted. We gave up and I was moving a pile of books and my hand touched something furry under the pile. I screamed to high heavens as I realized it was a dead mouse that had gotten pinned between some books and the wall. Poor thing...but ugh! Now, I know why everything was crazy upstairs...the cats were chasing a mouse! I'm pretty sure this fellow and the chippie got in the house when Jon was vacuuming the front porch before we painted it. They must have darted in between the screen door when he started that thing.

Anyway, it was in our room which is pretty clean now...but my, God what a stink it was. I'm glad it's been discovered but am annoyed I had to find the poor thing. Reminds me of the time when my cat, Simone, would go hunting outside. Once I was sitting to play the piano and I felt a furry back under my feet...thought it was Simone and started playing. Much to my surprise, she didn't run off (I play a bit loudly) and when I looked under there...there was the biggest gray rat I'd ever seen. Yuck! A present for mom, I guess.

I really hope this is the last of the mice/chippies in the house. It's just too much excitement.

It was interesting, however, when we released the chippie. We let him go by the hydrangeas and mulberry trees. To our surprise, he circled back, scooted under the bird feeder and zipped into the garage! So, it was that little chippie (I've watched this one go in there many times) that got into the house. Strange animals...oddly, he probably was pretty content to an extent with having a big old doggie water bowl and dog food least for a few days.


BlackCrow said…
EEEk!!!Hope you haven't wrapped him up and sent him off to me for the animal motif craft swap!!!????
Hi Emily...I really need you to send me your postal address for the swap.


Kim Hambric said…
Yes, I love the little critters when they're outside, too. Inside is a different story. We had yet another bat incident last week. The cat took him down & my hubby threw a towel over him & got him outside. Sorry to hear about the dead mouse. eeewww

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