We're supposed to have a big storm just started to rain and there is thunder cracking overhead. About 2 hours ago, I ran outside and got all our things in, covered the garden as best I could as there is supposed to be hail and hopefully, everything will be safe and sound. It was very humid as I did this and didn't make it easy to move around. But I was on "secure house mode" and got it done.

I just saw a very interesting show on Oprah. It was a bit of a blessing, I think, as I don't normally watch TV (esp. afternoon shows) and happened to catch a bit of this one because I was looking for weather reports. One of the ideas was to be more patient with people. The other was not to complain and work harder. I need to put that in practice more. I have a tendency to nitpick and complain, instead of doing what I should be doing. It's a waste of my time and energy...I'm going to work harder instead.


I've got cabbage boiling on the stove. I had to share some with the guinea pigs. They are content now. Boy, do they show you when they want something! They've surprised me a few times now...wheeking when I open the fridge or they hear a rustle of a paper bag. They are funny. I want to take a few pics of them but I've lost my new battery somewhere and until I find it, I'll have to wait for that. They are so cute!

I can hardly wait to have some cabbage with butter and mustard. It's really good. I'm one of those people who love cabbage and sour things in particular. If I make a hot dog, I'll add onions, mustard, maybe and some sharp cheddar cheese. Love it!

The gals are in the basement as this storm is supposed to even have tornados! I hope not! Scary. The threat of hailstones is bad enough...good grief. Crazy weather, we're also 25 degrees above normal.

Today, my friend, Cristy, volunteered with me and we scrubbed the 1st floor in the museum. Thank you, Cristy! This made it look really good, I must say. Plus, it smells good too. The gals were jealous and wanted to help mop...I guess I'll have to get them their own cleaning supplies. They are such sweeties.

It's so humid, I have to keep the doors closed and the air going. It makes cooking a pain...sort of takes away the sweet cold air. Maybe next year, we'll build that outdoor oven (the kind to cook breads/pizza and more in). They seem a bit intimidating but very worth it. This would be so nice on hot days and not have to heat up the house. The past few days were so dry hot, I hung out the laundry. I've never been really able to do that before as it was too muggy. The towels were bone dry...somewhat like California dry weather.

When I lived in California, I'd hang out clothes out all the time. When you have a drought, there are few things you can do to conserve and use to your advantage. One is the sun.

Speaking of which, I'm really excited about a grant one of our board members is trying to get. It's for a geothermal heat pump as well as solar panels for one side of the roof of the museum (hidden from the main view of the street). This would be excellent as it's horrible right now in terms of cooling. Apparently, this freakish heat wave has given me a taste of what it usually is like in July, oven-like. Even today, and it was cooler outside, but inside the musuem I was red as a beet. I finally opened all the doors and got some air flow. I hope this grant comes through and soon.

Wish I could get something like that for my house someday. At least I used sun power to dry some clothes. Well, I think the cabbage is done...hehehe


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