Rainy day and cooler...

Thank the stars above its getting cooler! The weather has been bothering all of us lately...too hot and muggy. The good part of this is my garden is growing by leaps and bounds! I still need to plant zucchini and maybe plant a raised side box for lettuce (it was so hot all my lettuce (and carrot) seedlings died and I have no idea if the seeds I planted in the plot, will take or not). So, something shady would be good for the lettuce. The weather is supposed to mellow out to the 70’s, so I have a feeling the baby plants will be fine.

Speaking of babies, looks like we are officially with child! Yes, we’re having a baby and this explains my tired feelings and moods. I’m excited and just want every thing to be healthy. We did want to have another child (in a few years) but this is just a wonderful blessing. It's funny how I had no idea I was pregnant but my body knew something was up...I would find my mind racing to do something but the next thing I knew, I was walking slowly and taking my time to adjust. Now, I see why! Just amazing how we adapt to the changes of life.

The guinea pigs are doing well...still a bit shy but getting less inhibited. We need to make a more permanent cage as they are living on the dining room table (it's not a big deal as we use the table for a lot of utility type stuff but I would like to have it back!).

If I could, I'd take the guinea piggie’s to the museum with me but they are too skittish. Apparently, this is their 3rd home (they were given away twice) and I do believe animals are bothered by not having a stable place just like people. It took awhile for Mr. Nelson to get used to us too. All my pets where either given to me because they needed a home or else they came to me (Kiwi was a street kitten and found us). I'm pretty happy about this because I know there are animals who need homes and it makes me feel like I’ve done something to help this. I do have a limit and the guinea pigs have us at that point of being at our pet maximum. Though, I would like to have another cockatiel for Odie to be friends with. That will have to wait as he seems content with hanging out with all of us (and the other bird would have to be free).

Museum wise, we're trying out an extended summer hour time slot and it's a bit much for me and the kids. I'm there for 2 (full) days with the kids and physically it's draining for 7 hours. It wouldn't be so bad if people came but I guess the new hours are too new and people aren't used to it. There are other probs but nothing I can't handle. One of the biggest issues is seating. If you're there for 7 hours and there is only 1 cushy chair and everything is hard and stiff, seating is uncomfortable. There is a TV on the 3rd floor that is really hard to move and I'm thinking of putting on the 1st floor, lend some throw pillows and the gals could watch a movie or two while there. They just get so bored. I can find a million things to do, but little kids need time to stretch out and relax...just part of being a kid. I'd also like to get a couch in there.

Anyway, I'm making another chalkboard sign for the front window. I love how the big one I made turned out…very cool and trendy looking. There is a lot of tape on the front window and I'm going to have to clean that off some how. Then, there was a problem with a small fridge that leaked all over the office carpet; let’s just say stinky-poo.

Otherwise, things are going all right, even though I was a bit down about not getting another part-time job. It would have helped out financially and been art related.

As for everything else, just trying to get things cleaned up and organized at my home. We are watching a lot of the “Clean House” show and getting inspired. My eldest wants to hold a yard sale and get the house cleaned up as much as possible. Good for her! Sometimes, I’m surprised at how mature she is mentally at times. At other times, she’s a typical kid, thankfully.

Sometimes I feel like the Little Red Hen at home…I’ll ask for help from some people (Jon or family)and instead, they talk and give advice without any physical helping. This isn’t what anyone wants…you want to have a group that will go the distance and be able to reap the rewards together. Fortunately, I only have a few talkers and usually I can get him to help after awhile...hehehe.

Today is a blessing as we have a volunteer at the museum. So, we have our first Saturday off in a while. Sunday has been nixed as a time slot and frees up our weekends. Jon’s going on a business trip in about two weeks (Canada) and I’ll have to rough it for a bit…I’m not looking forward to this. I wish we could all go too but not likely. He’s going to be in Montreal (where they filmed Jesus of Montreal) and I’m jealous as there is a huge jazz concert happening to celebrate Quebec National Day. Dang. I hope he gets some good pics and has a good time (he’s already happy as they will be driving; he hates to fly).


Carolee said…
Emily!!! BIG Congratulations!!! We miss you in EHAG, but I can see where you've been busy lately...Do drop by to share the news, though - very exciting!!

~ Carolee
Kim Hambric said…
Congratulations Emily. How exciting! I know you will busier than ever, but keep us posted on what's going on.

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